Life Coaching


Creativity and Self-Expression

For creative individuals who struggle to bring their gifts and talents to life

Have you been trying to complete that project for years?


  • You are a creative person with lots of ideas but you don't seem to be able to start that project that you have been thinking about for a long time.

  • You have many interests and tend to spread yourself too thin.

  • You have a pattern of enthusiastically starting projects and then losing interest and abandoning them altogether.


  • You have a deep yearning for meaning and purpose and dream of making a living by doing what you love.

  • You know that you have much to contribute with your talents but you struggle to find a way to express them in a way that are received by those you are trying to reach.

  • You feel alone and misunderstood as a creative and find it hard to connect with others from who may support you on your journey.

What can coaching do for you?


  • It can give you clarity as to what type of activities will help you to reach your goals.

  • It can help you to align your goals with your values and deepest desires.

  • It can give your clarity as to what outcomes you want and whether the outcomes are right for you.

  • It can keep you on track when going  gets tough.

  • It keeps you accountable.

  • It can help you see things from different perspectives, allowing you to have more choice.

  • It can allow you to express your deepest fears and to find the most effective way to tackle them.

  • It can guide you through all the challenges on the road to success.

  • It can shine a light on old beliefs, rationalisations, habits, relationships, etc. that are preventing you from succeeding in your goals.

There is so much more that coaching can do for you. Why don't you give it a try?

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