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I am Maria Barletta.

I facilitate change in people by helping them to reconnect with their  internal resources and natural strengths so they can stop struggling and start thriving.


I am here to help you overcome the obstacles between you and your deeper yearnings.

I  work with people who struggle with:








Weight reduction for health

Career path, vocational purpose


Life Transitions

Struggling with anxiety? You may want to check out the programme I put together. Follow the link below.

Life Coaching


As a Life Coach, I work with artists and creatives, with people who want to lose weight for health reasons and with those with problems in relationships or, who struggle to find a relationship.

Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP.

I work with an approach that combines psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and NLP, to help my clients in a way that is compassionate, solution-focused and aware of the client's reality, taking into account the socio-cultural constraints that sometimes limit people and prevent them from developing their capacity for growth and realization.


Creativity and Self-Expression

For creative individuals who struggle to bring their gifts and talents to life

Have you been trying to complete that project for years?

  • You are a creative person with lots of ideas but you seem to never be able to start that project that you have been thinking about for a long time.

  • You know that you have much to contribute with your gifts and talents but you struggle to find a way to bring them to life.

  • You know you have a voice but it has got lost underneath countless excuses and rationalizations as to why the world doesn't need what you can give.

  • You have a deep yearning for meaning and purpose and dream of making a living by doing what you love.

  • You feel alone and misunderstood and find it hard to connect with others from a place of creativity and spontaneity.


Weight Loss for Health

For individuals wishing to reduce their weight for health and well-being


  • You are unhappy with your weight and want to feel "in good shape." 

  • You have a history of struggling with body image issues and tired of feeling you would be happy "if only" you could lose those extra pounds.

  • You have a pattern of craving unhealthy foods, particularly, when you feel emotionally vulnerable.

  • You have tried countless diets and nothing seems to work and, if anything, have made things worse.

  • You have been diagnosed with a health condition that requires you to lose weight to prevent it from getting worse.

Love and Relationships

For individuals who yearn for love and commitment and struggle to create meaningful relationships with others

Do you long for a loving, healthy, committed relationship?

  • You have a history of getting involved with people who undervalue or abuse you.

  • You recognize that there is a thread of destructive patterns in your relationships, specifically with romantic partners.

  • You have been single for a long time and feel invisible to attract potential romantic partners.

  • You have been on a lot of dates, doing online dating, keeping yourself "out there" but have only found disappointment and have become disillusioned with the whole dating scene.

  • You have been hurt in the past and fear the same will happen in a future relationship. As a result, you "disappear" in relationships and have resigned to be alone.

  • You tell yourself that you are "too fat", "too skinny", "too old", too much of this or not enough of that, to find a partner and think love is not for you.

  • You have a disability or scarring and you came to believe no one will ever love you because of it.

  • You have built barriers to love and being loved and although you can sense they are there, and have a sense of the impact they are having on your life, you do not know how to change that.


By working with me, you will:

  • Gain clarity about what you want in this particular area of your life.

  • Know exactly what it is that has been holding you back.

  • Learn to question your thoughts and behaviours in a way that opens you up to new insights.

  • Become crystal clear about what you need to do to transform the area of your life you want to focus on. 

  • Re-connect with the sense of knowing in your body, which will enable you to make better decisions from a place of wisdom and deep intelligent intuition.  

  • Feel empowered to access the resources you need to achieve your goals.

  • Experience what it is like to feel deeply supported in your journey of transformation.

“I came to Maria with a lack of direction and she really helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve, and how to go about doing it. She always asked me challenging questions which I found difficult to answer, but brought me so much clarity. I would leave the sessions frantically writing down all the things I had to go and do. Three months on, I now have a clear focus and I am about to launch my brand. Before I came to Maria, I didn’t have a job! She gently steers you towards finding the answers within yourself (they are always there) and she has such a calm, compassionate way about her and truly understands the art of listening. Thank you for helping transform my life." 

- Claire, London Bridge

"Maria is a fantastic life coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  She has made a remarkable difference to the way I approach my life, helping me to gain confidence and clarity in reaching both my short and long-term goals. Maria has spent a lot of time working with me on anxieties regarding public performance and has taught me how to use anchoring techniques to move past these issues. These methods have proven to be invaluable in a variety of settings (not just on the stage) and given me the opportunity to make the most out of my skills without being clouded by excessive nerves.  I never previously realised how effective visualisation techniques can be - they have made a huge difference! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Maria, she genuinely cares about working through your issues with you and helping you to reach your full potential. I’ve recommended her to many friends already and will continue to do so!"

- Hannah, London Bridge

"I saw Maria for an initial six sessions. I found her very insightful, kind and she seemed genuinely interested in helping me. Together we examined things such as one's own beliefs about ourselves, others and the world around us. I found the insights around identifying how we best learn things, be it in written or aural form really interesting, and also recognising ones own strengths and weaknesses, without negative feelings. All these things gave a good base understanding for us both to then map out achievable goals for me, in  the coming months ahead. I found the sessions really helpful and would recommend Maria to anyone else seeking help to achieving real progress with what they are doing

- Eugene, London

Your Investment

Individual Session - £60 (50 minutes)


6 Sessions  - £360  (payment plan available)

12 Sessions - £720 (payment plan available)

Open-ended Long Term Psychotherapy - £60 per session on a monthly contract

Anxiety Programme - see here

During the Covid-19 crisis, sessions are online via ZOOM.

After the lockdown, sessions will be via ZOOM and in Bloomsbury, London.

How to Book Sessions with Me

1. E-mail, fill in the form below, send me a message via social media or call me to arrange an initial phone consultation

2. If you call, please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible

3. After the initial phone consultation, you can make the booking and pay for your sessions

4. I will then send you a contract with the terms of our agreement, including details of how to make the payment.

5. Accept the contract and make the payment.

6. You are ready to go!

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